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You know exactly what you want your organization to achieve next. It sounds straightforward enough, yet you do not necessarily have total clarity over how to get there from where you are right now:

Are you facing too many variables and not knowing which ones are the most influential and where you should be focusing your efforts and resources? 

Are you experiencing a wide range of different opinions and feedback from your key people and few of them seem to overlap?

Are you and your team getting buried in the day-to-day business of running the organization and solving all of the urgent problems that are continually cropping up ...only to find that time is passing and the key milestones that you set your sights on are just not happening?

Maybe you have been hacking away at the goal only to find that you have made little meaningful progress toward it?  Is the real problem the strategy, the market, your people, your infrastructure, your processes ....or something else?

These are some of the frequent symptoms that our Clients found themselves experiencing before engaging us, and are not at all unusual.  After all, if you knew how to resolve the underlying cause of the symptoms, you would have already moved on and generated the results that you had originally set your sights on...

Every organization is unique, have their own market strengths and internal weaknesses and each one has evolved differently ...hence it is usually not effective to just slap on a one-size-fits-all bandage based on the latest business management book to hit the best seller list.

It might just be time to find out more about what we can do to unstick you and your organization, and to get you to the goals that you have committed to.

A sampling of some of our current and historical Clients:






Peter is a tremendous help and a great source for me to turn to when difficult decisions need to be made”

 “I couldn’t have gotten this far without his support. He is and always will be the ‘Swiss army knife’ of business.”

“He can keep up stride for stride. He will always be a friend and trusted advisor.
— Garrett W., co-Founder & CEO

Peter is an outstanding person and professional

I was consistently delighted with his follow-through, diligence, and business acumen
— John G., Senior Manager
Mr. Gray is the consummate professional whether providing leadership within a sales group or managing a company.
I have contacted Peter a number of times on a variety of projects and have always been impressed by his wherewithal and dedication to a team.
— Kent T., Regional Vice President

Peter is one of the most thoughtful, smart and detailed managers I’ve ever worked with.  Perfect for a startup in a complex business or as a manager of a larger enterprise.
— Mark A., President & CEO

Peter specializes in corporate development, with broad capabilities and a deep understanding of the numerous requirements necessary for growth. For us, his expertise has been absolutely invaluable.

Peter has worked very hard individually, well above and beyond the call of duty. He has also worked very well as a critical member of our heavily integrated team.
— David K, Ph.D, Inventor, Co-Founder, President