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Innovation: Strategy & Execution


Specialists at growing small and mid-size companies into valuable assets.

Strategy Consulting & Operations Execution



Is your business at the size and profitability that you want?  Can it run without you at the helm?  Is it a true asset that will let you step back and "retire" as someone else professionally runs it for you (without it imploding or missing a beat)?  Can you position and sell your business as a valuable asset? (or is it really worth little to nothing without you?)

If not, then why not?

Do you truly understand your business inside and out? Have you identified the blockages to growth and the scalability of your business?

...or are you just going round and around on the same hamster wheel?

If so, then why?

Important "External" Factors to master:

  • Strategy

  • Finance

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Compensation

Vital "Internal" Factors to master:

  • Asset Health

  • Owner/Executive Leadership Health

  • Employee/Talent Health

  • Customer Health

  • Marketing & Brand Health

If all you have done is work in the business and you have neglected to work on the business and turn it into a valuable asset, then it might be time to harness some additional help. 

We are Your Missing Link.